Throwback Thursday: “2 Minutes to Midnight” – Iron Maiden

Last week, we stepped back in time to 1994 for the 20th anniversary of Pantera’s “Far Beyond Driven” album with the video “I’m Broken”.  This time we go 10 years further back with Iron Maiden’s “Powerslave” album (which turns 30 later this summer) and its lead video “2 Minutes to Midnight”.

You knew eventually I’d drop some Maiden…


Cancel the video and song of the year contest, WE HAVE A CHAMPION


“Schoolhouse Rock” style of animation? CHECK.

MS Paint used? CHECK.

Headband on lead singer? CHECK.

Is he also wearing a cape? CHECK.

Lead singer and band descending from heavens to ROCK? CHECK.

Lead singer giving David Lee Roth-esque “WOOOOO” after choruses? CHECK.

Excalibur-esque pulling of guitar out of stone on top of mountain, followed by guitar solo? CHECK.

Guitarist is riding a tiger? CHECK.

Tiger-stripe outfits? CHECK.

Tiger-stripe diapers on baby, giving metal horns? CHECK.

“Tiger” in the lyrics? CHECK.

“Tiger” in the song title? CHECK.

“Tiger” spelled with a Y? CHECK.

Nuclear bomb? CHECK.

Was the bomb blast from an amplifier turned to 11? CHECK.

Undead band playing metal after said nuclear bomb blast? CHECK.

Band logo on fire? CHECK.

Album Review: “The Life and Times of Scrooge” by Tuomas Holopainen


Review written by Nathan Gruenholz

Album release date: 15 April 2014 (USA)

My first ever album review for this metal site wasn’t quite a metal album. The second album review? Not at all, either. Metal cred now officially gone, before I even had any. But hear me out, it’s another Nightwish member going solo…

Nightwish’s founder Tuomas Holopainen for the first time (and perhaps only time) has decided to do a solo project. It’s odd considering Nightwish fulfills all of his vast musical ambitions. But one idea he’s had for the better part of two decades is something that wouldn’t sound quite right for Nightwish: a “soundtrack” to his favorite…book? Not just any book, but the graphic novel “The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck”.

Sure, a soundtrack to a comic book. About a Disney duck. No metal band in the history of ever would touch that with a 10-foot Lemmy Kilmister signature Rickenbacker bass…not even a symphonic-metal band as diverse as Nightwish. So with that in mind Tuomas did this project with his name stamped to it without the band.

Also in doing a “book soundtrack” Tuomas would be creating possibly a musical first. Soundtracks are created for movies, videos and similar mediums. I don’t think a soundtrack to a book exist. Nobody would have original music in their minds when reading. But this is Tuomas Holopainen we’re talking about. So, a soundtrack to a book about Scrooge McDuck it is.

Now my knowledge of Scrooge is based on “DuckTales”, which has musical ties to it already. Name me a greater theme song to a cartoon. Guaranteed it will be running on a loop 80 times in your head in the next 24 hours. Also another example of ol’ Scrooge having epic music about him is in the “DuckTales” 8-bit NES game. The Moon level theme is one of the greatest video game musical themes of all time, only topped by Super Mario Bros. level 1-1 and the main theme to The Legend of Zelda. Even the “remastered” DuckTales game released recently has an excellent new take on it.  Remixes of the track done by people on the internet are incredible.  The bar has been set quite high for Tuomas already.

Reviewing a “soundtrack” shouldn’t be to foreign to me; I’m a big fan of the soundtracks to the “MechWarrior 2” video games (and the cut-scenes from those games). Tuomas is a big fan of soundtracks himself, but prefers those that have been written for movies (see: Hans Zimmer). So let’s see if this “book soundtrack” can measure up to such examples.


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Album review: “Shine” by Anette Olzon


Review written by Nathan Gruenholz

Album release date: 8 April 2014 (USA)


Anette’s career with Nightwish was doomed from the start.

[cue old-timey black-and-white newsreel footage and sound]

When Tarja Turunen was fired shitcanned in the name of business left in the frozen Finnish landscape gone from Nightwish Anette was chosen to be her replacement by Tuomas Holopainen. Immediately fans noticed the differences. She wasn’t the soaring, operatic frontwoman Tarja was. The new Nightwish sounded a bit different as a result. The Tarja-era tunes sung live sounded different. To make matters worse this happened during the era of Youtube.

In came the avalanche of Youtubers down-voting and hate-hate-hate-hating only Silky Johnson would appreciate.

Comments not unlike “Anette sux lulz” “bitch get of tha stage LOL” “WTF wuz Tuomas thnking” “RIP NIGHTWISH 1996-2005” would (and still do) flood many Nightwish Youtube videos. In October 2012 Anette got the Tarja treatment when she too was fired shitcanned in the name of business left in the frozen Swedish landscape no longer with Nightwish. It would them seem like those commenters and “fans”(?) would finally be justified.

Except, looking back, they weren’t…and still aren’t. On that very same Youtube Anette’s debut video “Amaranth” for Nightwish has hit 68,000,000+ views…and counting. Nightwish was still a hit in Europe and the rest of the world. Nightwish’s two albums with Anette charted in the US Billboard Top 100 (something the Tarja-era albums did NOT do), with 2011’s “Imaginaerum” getting an impressive #27. Not bad for a Finnish symphonic metal band heavily ignored by US radio and MTV, with a singer that “sux”.

Nightwish with Anette was sucessful. Nightwish with Anette was GOOD.

But enough with history. Anette now has also followed in Tarja’s footsteps in pursuing a solo career (hey, a new tradition!) and her debut “Shine” was just released. Hey, what better way to christen this brand new site than a brand new album review!

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Welcome to my brand new blog about all things METAL. Here I’ll post new and old album reviews, videos, pictures, and anything else related to the best fuckin genre of music. Speaking of album reviews, the first “official” post here on WYM will be a review of an album having its US release tomorrow. So come by tomorrow to see what’s up.

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